Timeless handbags by De Couture

Timeless handbags by De Couture. This is the brand young designer Massimo Mariotti has launched in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Massimo was awarded a winner’s crown in “Who’s on Next,” competition. The event conceived by Franca Sozzani, the Editor of Vogue Italia had given rise to the most promising brand names in Italian fashion. De Couture brand has been sought after by leading international boutiques ever since.


De Couture makes a higher end line of handbags. Bags by De Couture exude taste and style, being equally modern and classy. True masterpieces, they are real joy to own. Just try and check out Dalida line. This family of bags is luxurious and surely don’t feel or look cheap. Excellent craftsmanship throughout, calf leather and solid hardware makes ownership of the timeless handbag by De Couture a living dream.

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Timeless handbags by De Couture

This Dalida Boston Bag is embodiment of sophistication and confidence.  Having such a timeless handbag by De Couture,  wherever you are,  granted you’ll be acknowledged. Made of calf skin and beautifully appointed,  Dalida is all you want. After all, isn’t travel in style is what we always want? Here you can enjoy looks of more Dalida family line.

Timeless handbags by De Couture

And here’s another great design by De Couture. Made in calf leather, this little sister to the travel bag from Dalida-series mini  is a perfect companion to you. It can hold its own in this collection of truly timeless classics. Dalida mini comes in huge variety of colors. Adorned with chain-crochet, reversible Security Wallet and shoulder strap, this is a looker!

Timeless handbags by De Couture

And, of course, the smallest of the family, Dalida pochette. It comes in seven great colors. Made of calf leather this is a totally irresistible accessory for your evening outing. Miniature-looking, Dalida pochette however, can easily transform into a sizable bag if needed. Hopefully, this small intro of the timeless handbags by De Couture will inspire you and get interested in seeing its full collection here


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